Celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary with a new rose! Canadian Shield™

Celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary with a brand new red rose? Why not!

The rose is named Canadian Shield™ after the Precambrian rock formation that covers more than half of Canada. This new rose is being released across Canada in time for our nation’s 150th birthday celebration.

Canadian Shield™ rose is truly Canadian, possessing a refined beauty yet hardy enough to survive to minus 35 C, it was bred especially for our difficult and diverse climate. Canadian Shield™ was propagated to be disease resistant and is hardly affected by black spot the disfiguring (and seemingly unpreventable) disease, which plagues roses everywhere, but apparently doesn’t affect our resilient new rose much.

Canadian Shield™ is a shrub rose with very elegant blooms. They are rich, silky-textured scarlet-red blossoms that are large, averaging eight cm (3 in.) in diameter. Small clusters of flowers are produced all over the plant, appearing in heavy flushes from mid-summer to fall.

Canadian Shield™ is a low-maintenance, robust, compact, versatile garden and landscape rose with a spread of 90 to 120 cm (4ft.) and a height of 120 to 150 cm (5ft.). plenty of full, red flowers and glossy green foliage. The plants are bushy, with glossy green foliage that looks great all season long. It’s a repeat bloomer that stays stunning throughout the entire garden season.

Canadian Shield™ rose is winter hardy across Canada to Zone 3 as the name implies.